If you’re having trouble seeing your Nugs.net or LivePhish “Stash” on Roku apps, please follow these steps: 

Peter -

1. There’s a bug in Roku that won’t let LivePhish users go directly to your live streams without first signing into Qello.  If you skip Qello sign in and go straight to Live Events and try to sign in, your stash will appear empty.
2. The way to solve this is to make sure you sign into LivePhish first on web to view your stash, go to settings and set their password.  Then go to Roku and sign into your Qello account (with credentials created above) from the home menu or settings.  Once you do this, you’ll be signed in with your Qello account connected to your LivePhish Account - and if you go to Live Events, your LivePhish Stash will be filled. 
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